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Anna High School Choir Director

Anna High School is excited to announce that Whitney Twitchell will be the new choir director at Anna High School. Whitney Twitchell is an experienced choir director who has been in the district and built student and family relationships around her love of music for five years. Throughout her 25-year musical career and development, Mrs. Twitchell has won UIL Sweepstakes awards as a director of the Middle School Choir, served as Head Music Chair and Choral Director at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and been the first female lead Rock Ensemble Vocalist at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, performed at the Nashville Ballet as a first soprano in the Nashville Ballet's rendition of Carmina Burana, and performed in several musical studios as a vocalist and voice-over artist. She is both classically and commercially trained and has the working experience that will guide students toward further musical education and musical careers. Mrs. Twitchell brings with her a deep love of music and a commitment to a quality music education intended to serve students in a real-world musical setting. She is excited to continue to serve the students of Anna ISD and help them develop and master their voices.