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All Region Band

On Monday, December 6th, the Anna High School Band sent nearly 60 students to the ATSSB Region 24 All-Region Band auditions. Anna High School hosted the event.  There were approximately 400 students that auditioned for a spot in one of the two All-Region Bands, the Symphonic Band (1st band) and the Concert Band (2nd band).  Students who placed in a high enough chair in their section earned the opportunity to advance to the Area Band contest on January 8th.  This year we had six students earn 1st chair in the Region, and had a total of 29 students qualify for one of the All-Region Bands.  We’re so proud of all the students that auditioned.  Here are the names of those that qualified for one of the bands:

Jose Canari, 2nd chair Concert Band, Oboe 

Ellie Wolfe, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Clarinet, advancing to Area 

Rose Jaramillo, 2nd chair Symphonic Band, Clarinet, advancing to Area 

Miriam McElwey, 3rd chair Symphonic Band, Clarinet, advancing to Area 

Giselle Sanchez, 12th chair Symphonic Band, Clarinet, advancing to Area 

Jacob Kaleff, 10th chair Concert Band, Clarinet 

Anibal Canari, 14th chair Concert Band, Clarinet 

Gracie Bone, 17th chair Concert Band, Clarinet 

Jacob Grohs, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Alto Saxophone, advancing to Area 

Brayden Doucette, 3rd chair Concert Band, Alto Saxophone 

Kevin Medina, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Tenor Saxophone, advancing to Area 

Andrew Ponce, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Bari Saxophone, advancing to Area 

Dallas Meader, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Trumpet, advancing to Area 

Michael Mhando, 8th chair Symphonic Band, Trumpet 

Michael Lane, 13th chair Symphonic Band, Trumpet 

Robyn Rodriguez, 15th chair Symphonic Band, Trumpet 

Jonathon Eade, 4th chair Concert Band, Trumpet 

Jair Martinez, 9th chair Concert Band, Trumpet 

Maddison Lee, 10th chair Concert Band, Trumpet 

Erick Mejia, 15th chair Concert Band, Trumpet 

Abi McElwey, 1st chair Symphonic Band, Horn, advancing to Area 

Chandler Lichnovsky, 3rd chair Concert Band, Tenor Trombone 

Aidan McGrath, 9th chair Concert Band, Tenor Trombone 

Camila Cortez, 3rd chair Symphonic Band, Euphonium, advancing to Area 

Keely Simon, 2nd chair Concert Band, Euphonium, advancing to Area 

Alan Martinez, 3rd chair Concert Band, Euphonium 

Chloe Wilson, 4th chair Concert Band, Euphonium 

Paige Cavenar, 4th chair, Concert Band, Tuba 

Robert Bramblett, 6th chair, Concert Band, Tuba