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PRIDE Awards

Last week, we had our first PRIDE rallies for  Kinder through 5th grades.  PRIDE rallies will focus on different character qualities that we hope the students are utilizing while at school and in their daily lives!  

Things such as Positive Attitude, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence are what we are focusing on this year.

This weeks PRIDE rally  was a kickoff event focusing on explaining to the students what each letter means and to get them excited for the year.  Our counselor will be focusing on these different character qualities in her guidance lessons, and in future PRIDE rallies, teachers will be able to nominate students who have been modeling those throughout the year to be recognized in front of their peers.

Check out a few of our first recipients of the PRIDE awards shown below!

2nd Grade:

2nd grade

3rd Grade:

3rd grade

4th Grade:

4th grade

5th Grade:

5th Grade