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AHS Students Support Mental Health Through Special Project

Something magical happens when students apply skills they learn to make something that solves real-life problems.

In the world of Makerspace Integration at Anna High School, Mrs. Coleman's Counseling & Mental Health classes recently created play therapy toy prototypes to be used and tested at toy therapy rooms in Anna elementary schools.

AISD Director of Counseling Vince Sharp kickstarted the project by explaining how play therapy toys are used for various behaviors and scenarios. After delivering the project objective, he worked with the groups of students during their ideation process.

Anna ISD therapists and administrators were impressed as the students proudly demonstrated their toy prototypes during the hands-on presentations on January 7.

"The students' empathy and excitement for their end-user shined through their thoughtful and unique toy creations," said AISD Communications & Marketing Coordinator Melane Woodbury. "It's such a treat to see our students collaborate with and learn from professionals on such a meaningful project."

Mrs. Coleman's students look forward to getting feedback from play therapists after Anna's elementary students benefitting from play therapy have tested the toys.