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AISD Bilingual Program Receives High Marks

On April 1, Dr. Richard Gomez, co-creator of the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model, implemented in over 700 schools across the country, visited Harlow Elementary to observe our Bilingual classrooms and evaluate progress in the implementation of the Gomez and Gomez model. Dr. Gomez and his consultant Rosie Sandoval observed Harlow's pre-k through 1st-grade Bilingual classrooms. They specifically looked for progress in literacy instruction, student verbal interactions with one another and the teacher, student interaction with text, and ultimately students' progress in their writing journals from the beginning of the year until now.
Dr. Gomez was very impressed with the teachers from Harlow and the students' progress in the Bilingual program in Anna ISD and gave out the highly-coveted "Exemplary Instructor Award" to the following teachers and their assistants:
Pre-K Teacher Neyse Hall and her assistant Maria Guttierrez (pictured top left)
Pre-K Teacher Shirley Garnsey and her assistant Marisol Diaz (pictured bottom left)
1st Grade Teacher Alexa Hernandez (pictured top right)
In addition to recognizing our exemplary instructors, Dr. Gomez gave the following "Exemplary Leader Award" to the following leaders for their dedicated efforts in supporting and guiding this program to success:
Instructional Coordinators Danica Suarez, Jinny Brewer, Lindsey Johnson, Executive Director of Federal Programs Paula McMillion (pictured bottom right), and Harlow Principal Kelli Abohosh (not pictured)


Exemplary Award Recipients