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Bibb Twins Qualify for State XC Meet

Three Coyotes qualified to run at the Region 2-4A cross country meet, held on November 10, 2020. Bryce Wetzel (senior) and Claire Bibb (freshman), and Kenny Bibb(freshman) ran in one of the toughest districts in the state. 

They all ran PRs at Regionals (Kenny-16:18, Bryce-17:02 for the 5K, and Claire-12:33 for the 2-mile). Kenny was 6th overall, Claire was 14th, and Bryce was 21st place. Kenny and Claire both qualified for State. 

Coach Scoot O’Connor said, “Each one ran incredible races and put everything out there. They are not just talented runners; they are incredible racers. They know how to run, they know how to prepare, and they will push themselves past their limits each time they race.”

Both Kenny and Claire passed other runners as they finished the race. Kenny went from 11th place to 6th place in the last 200 meters to medal (only the top 10 receive a medal). Bryce was five places and 15 seconds away from qualifying. Only the top 10 finishers (not including runners from the three teams that qualify) qualify for the state meet. 

O’Connor continued, “It is always hard to get to State in any sport, but this year it has been even more difficult with fewer teams qualifying for State [due to the pandemic] than in years past.”

Twins Kenny and Claire will run the state meet on Tuesday, November 24. Claire runs at 11:45 AM and Kenny at 12:30 PM.