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Goodbye Nurse Reeder

Friday, September 18th we said our goodbyes to our beloved Nurse Reeder as she spent her last day at Harlow. 

Lori Reeder has been a nurse for Anna ISD since 2013 where she began at the Early Childhood Center (ECC) that housed our PreK and Kindergarten students.  She served as the nurse at ECC for 4 years and moved over to Harlow when it opened in 2017.  Lori held the title as Lead District Nurse for a few years as well as being the campus nurse at Harlow.

Lori is amazing with the students, keeping them smiling while taking care of their needs.  She is always working to make sure our school is a safe place to be and that students feel safe in her office. With the start of this school year, and heavier COVID precautions in place, she has had to change her whole process by serving the students in their classrooms, and she has taken on this challenge with a smile. 

We are going to miss our favorite nurse and know that she will do amazing things wherever she goes! 

"I'm going to miss my kids and my teachers and hope they have a great rest of their year at Harlow!" - Lori Reeder


Nurse Reeder and Pete the cat