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Virtual Learning 2020

The 2020 school year started off a little different for everyone here in Anna.  After our start date being pushed back one week, school began on August 26th with both in-person and online learning.  Out of our 650+ students, just under 150 began school virtually.  Our teachers spent the weeks prior learning and growing and stretching their minds on how to teach in this new normal and they have been doing amazing things along with their students.

“My fourth-grade virtual learners have been doing an excellent job with their online learning!  We follow the same schedule of the face-to-face students and have become experts at navigating Schoology!” – Dana Roh, 4th grade virtual teacher

Although it hasn’t been without its difficulties, as teachers and parents have had to learn to navigate the tricky world of internet lag, malfunctioning equipment, or even lack of enough equipment available. Our parents have been amazing and so flexible during this transition.  There has been great communication and understanding and the problems we had at the beginning are being resolved! 

“I am thankful for great participation from the students and flexibility and understanding from the parents!” – Mika Francisco, 2nd grade virtual teacher

Even with the separation of learning virtually, our teachers are still finding great ways to connect with their students on a personal level.  Mrs. Crawley, our Kindergarten virtual teacher, has been amazing at helping her first time learners feel comfortable in their “classroom” by recording videos explaining her lessons, as well as, video response feedback to each student personally about their work.

“My kindergarten class is doing amazing!  I am loving our live zooms each day and all of the participation.  I enjoy seeing all of their videos explaining their assignments. Parents have been so supportive and such rock stars!” – Jennifer Crawley, Kindergarten virtual teacher

As we continue through this year, we can’t wait to one day get to see all of our students smiling faces back in the building. Until then, we will enjoy the moments we have and create the best experience we can for our students no matter how they are learning this year!  #heartofHarlow

2020 Harlow Virtual Teachers

Our 2020 Harlow Virtual Teachers