Bryant Elementary School

School / Family Compact

  • A school-parent compact is a way to create a partnership between the school and home that focuses on helping students be successful. This compact will help explain how parents and teachers will work together to make sure all of our students reach grade level expectations. The parents, students and staff worked together and shared ideas to develop the school-parent compact. During our annual Title I committee meeting and our campus improvement committee meetings, the school-parent compact is discussed, reviewed, and revised based on the school’s academic goals and student’s needs.

    Teacher Responsibility: 

    • Be a positive role model that  encourages student attendance through my enthusiasm for my students and content.
    • Provide a supportive and effective learning environment that builds self-esteem and academic knowledge where students can be successful. 
    • Provide High Quality Curriculum that enables student to achieve state standards. 
    • Continuously communicate and work with families to support student learning. 
    • Conference with each student’s parents at a minimum of one time during the school year.
    • Send student progress reports home to parents and if needed provide support to parents interpreting the report. 
    • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer with in my classroom. 

    Student Responsibility: 

    • Attend school regularly and on time. 
    • Complete and return homework assignments.
    • Come to school with necessary supplies for learning.
    • Do my best work.
    • Conform to school rules.

    Parent Responsibility: 

    • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and is on time. 
    • Provide enough time and an environment at home that allows my child to complete school work and/or study at home. 
    • Encourage my child to do his/her best work. 
    • Continuously communicate and work with the teacher to support my child’s learning.
    • Conference with my child’s teacher at a minimum of one time during the school year.
    • Be aware of my child’s progress report and if needed request a conference with the teacher for help interpreting the report and/or intervention strategies.
    • Volunteer at the school and/or in the classroom if time and/or schedule permits.

    Revised October 2020

What is Title I?

  • Title I is the nation’s largest federal program for schools. It provides funding for increasing student achievement in schools based on the economic level of families in a school’s attendance area. Funds can be used for teachers,  instructional materials, instructional coaches, tutors and parent involvement. 

    The purpose of Title I is as follows:

    • Help every child receive a high quality education
    • Build capacity for parent involvement
    • Meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act* federal law mandates

    One percent of our Title I funds is set aside for parent involvement at the elementary campuses. This money provides for family events such as “Family Math Night.” parent workshops, and curriculum nights.  

     * This replaces “ No Child Left Behind.”

Parent Involvement - We need you!

  • Parents are an important part of our team! You influence your child’s education more than any teacher. Studies have shown that parent involvement boosts students achievement, lowers absenteeism, increases confidence, and even improves behavior. By becoming involved in your child’s school life, you are showing that you care and support what they are doing. In turn, it shows them that learning is rewarding and important. 

    How Can Parents Be Involved?

    • Attend Open House.
    • Attend Parent/Teacher conferences.
    • Join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
    • Participate in field trips, class activities, projects, and volunteer programs.
    • Become a Mentor!
    • Join us for Parent Nights, Family Nights and Learning Workshops.

    YOU are the MOST important person in your child’s education.

    YOU are the biggest influence on your child’s life.

    Use that influence to put your child on the pathway to success!

  • Notice

    In accordance with federal legislation, school districts that receive Title I federal funds are required to notify parents of their right to request information regarding the professional qualifications for their child’s teacher including degrees and certifications held and whether the teacher is certified in the area he/she is teaching. If you wish for more information regarding your child’s educators, please contact:

    Robin Latham
    Bryant Elementary School Principal

    Parents Rights to Request Information