Anna ISD Logo & Anna Coyotes Trademark Information

  • As Anna ISD has grown in recent years, so has the interest in creating spirit wear/apparel and other items. Anna ISD's intent is not to restrict those activities. Instead, we are trying to maintain control over the way our name and mark are used and the quality of products bearing that name.

    All parties must receive explicit permission from the district to produce the Anna ISD Logo or ANNA COYOTES® items or apparel. If you wish to use the Anna ISD Logo, create ANNA COYOTES® items or apparel, or produce the Anna Coyotes Logo, please fill out the Anna ISD Logos & Trademarks Usage Request Form below*.

    *Charges to use trademarks may apply to third parties.
    *All Anna ISD Logos should not be modified or altered.

Anna ISD Logo
The Anna ISD Logo was designed in 2014 and received its Certificate of Registration from the USA Register of Copyrights in 2016.
Anna Coyotes print
The Anna Independent School District completed the process for establishing a trademark for the phrase "ANNA COYOTES®" in 2017.
Coyote howling
The official Anna Coyotes Logo may be used with permission for spirit purposes. Fill out form below to request permission and file type.