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Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal is an online resource that allows parents to check their child's grades and attendance, register for school, and update contact information such as address, email, phone number, etc. 

Parents are required to create a Parent Portal account in order to enroll their child in Anna ISD.

Benefits of Parent Portal

Keep Track of Academic Progress

  • Real-time grades
  • Attendance and tardy information
  • Six-week grades

Schedule Alerts (email or text messages)

  • Missing assignments or "0" in the grade book 
  • Any grades below a "75" (Each parent can set their own score)
  • If a student receives a tardy or is marked "absent"

Update Contact Information

  • Change of phone number or address
  • Add an emergency contact

Complete annual Forms and New Student Enrollment online

  • Say no to paperwork every year for each student
  • Confirm and/or update information online once a year
  • Online enrollment for new students