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Bilingual/Early Exit


Transitional bilingual/early exit is a bilingual program model in which students identified as English learners are served in both English and another language and are prepared to meet reclassification criteria to be successful in English-only instruction not earlier than two or later than five years after the student enrolls in school. 


Instruction in this program is delivered by a teacher appropriately certified in bilingual education under TEC, §29.061(b)(1) for the assigned grade level and content area. 


The goal of early-exit transitional bilingual education is for program participants to utilize their primary language as a resource while acquiring full proficiency in English. 


This model provides instruction in literacy and academic content through the medium of the students’ primary language, along with instruction in English that targets second language development through academic content. The transitional bilingual/early exit program will phase out as the One-Way Dual Language program expands each year. By the 2024-2025 school year, students in grades PreK-5th will be served in the Dual Language program.