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Anna ISD and The City of Anna Come Together for a Spectacular Multicultural Night!

Anna ISD and The City of Anna Come Together for a Spectacular Multicultural Night!

In collaboration with The City of Anna, Anna ISD hosted "Multicultural Night" on May 7, a remarkable celebration of diversity and community spirit! Drawing in approximately 500 attendees and featuring over 25 cultures, it provided a platform for participants to sample foods, traditions, and customs from around the world, all within the familiar surroundings of our city.  

A standout feature was the introduction of passports at the entrance. These passports made the event more interactive, encouraging attendees to explore each booth, collect stickers, and fully immerse themselves in the diverse experiences. Attendees enjoyed a variety of cultural experiences, from learning Japanese calligraphy to crafting paper fortune tellers and exploring holidays from different countries. Activities like learning new words in multiple languages and experiencing hair braiding enhanced the event, fostering cultural appreciation and encouraging cross-cultural communication and understanding.

The generous support from Andy Torres State Farm and The City of Anna, providing giveaway baskets for a raffle, added to the festivities and highlighted the spirit of community involvement. 

The District is also grateful to the AISD ESL Department staff, the Dual Language team at Rosamond-Sherley Elementary, and Mrs. Anayeli Adame for their invaluable support in contributing to the event's success.

With the inaugural Multicultural Event laying a solid foundation, the anticipation for next year's festivities is already building. Here's to many more years of celebrating diversity and creating cherished memories within the Anna ISD community!