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  • The Mission of Anna ISD

    To invest in academic excellence, instill values and inspire students.

    Anna ISD Curriculum

    The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) is the official K-12 curriculum for the state of Texas and its public schools, mandated by law. It details the curriculum requirements for every course.

    Anna ISD is a District of Innovation

    The District of Innovation concept, passed by the 84th Legislative Session in House Bill 1842, gives traditional independent school districts most of the flexibilities available to Texas’ open-enrollment charter schools. Learn more about District of Innovation

Department Staff

  • Gayle Smith
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction and Technology

    Jennifer Kelley
    Executive Director of Secondary Education

    Karen Reddell
    Executive Director of Elementary Education

    Paula McMillion
    Executive Director of Federal Programs 

    Mindi Vandagriff
    Coordinator of Professional & Digital Learning

    Greta Adams
    District Librarian & Resource Manager

    Pamela Slaughter
    Assessment Coordinator