• Morning Drop off

    For safety reasons, dropping off students in the parking lot is never allowed.  No early drop-offs before 7:05 am. There will be no one to monitor them before this time.


    All students must be dropped off at the front entrance of the building.  You may enter the carpool drive and follow the arrows directing flow of traffic.  At no time should the bus lane be used for carpool drop off.



    *Out of respect for everyone waiting in the carpool line, when dropping off or picking up your child, please remain in your car.  We ask that you DO NOT park and walk up to drop off or pick up your child unless there are extenuating circumstances.


    *For student safety, DO NOT drop your child in the parking lot or street and allow them to walk up on their own. 


    *If you must walk up to drop off or pick up your child, we ask that you cross in the designated crossing areas only and be prepared to wait until the carpool line is complete.


    *West Drive is STRICTLY to be used for buses and service vehicles.  At no time should you drop your child off in this drive.



    Tardy Students

    *If you are dropping off a student past 7:30 am (once the carpool line has finished), you must park and come into the office to check your student in.

    Afternoon pick up

    School is dismissed at 3:05 pm. All students must be picked up at the far northeast side of the building.  At no time should the bus lane be used for carpool pickup.


    *Each student is issued 2 car stickers and 2 paper tags with their family number during the first week of school.  Any person without the family number with them at pick up will be asked to park and go to the office to show identification.



    Early Pick Up


    *The only excused reason to pick up your child early from school is if your child has a medical appointment (send the medical note) or if our school nurse has sent your child home.

    Early sign-outs must be done through the office before 2:45 pm.  Students will not be released through the office after this time as we are preparing for dismissal, students are in transition, and may not have time to get your child at that time.


    *We will not call your student down to the office until you are physically in the office with identification.


    *Upon entering to sign out your child, a valid ID is required at the front office.  Only individuals on the students pick up list will be allowed to pick up.



    Transportation Changes

    *All transportation changes must go through the front office and be made before 2:00pm.  Please call 972-924-1360.  If there is a need to sign your student out early, please do so in the front office before 2:45 pm.

    *Please do not contact teachers directly through email or phone calls.

    *Contact the front office if you need a bus pass or family number replacement. 



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