• Breakfast Menu


    Lunch Menu


    Rosamond-Sherley Cafeteria Prices 


    • Adult Breakfast: $2.00


    • Adult Lunch: $3.65

    A la Carte items are available ranging from $.25 to $3.00

    Lunch Visitor Policy

    *Lunch visitors on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  All visitors must have a valid ID.  Lunch visitors will begin the week of September 7th.

    *You and only your child will sit at the designated family lunch table.  Friends of students are not allowed to sit with parents. 

    *You may choose to buy from the cafeteria or bring in outside food.

    *We ask that you try to exit the cafeteria 5 minutes prior to the end of the lunch period in order for our teachers to follow procedures of classroom management

    *Ice Cream can be purchased for $1.25

    Students can purchase ice cream on their designated days:

    Monday-5th Grade (they may purchase on Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)

    Tuesday-Kindergarten & Pre K

    Wednesday-1st Grade

    Thursday-3rd Grade

    Friday-4th & 2nd Grade