What is NWEA MAP?

  • Anna ISD students in grades K-9 and special education students in grades 10-12 do MAP testing three times a year.

    MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test created by NWEA that kids take two to three times per school year. The results provide teachers with information to help them deliver appropriate content for each student and determine each student’s academic growth over time.

    Anna ISD administers the MAP Growth test three times a year; Beginning of the Year(BOY), Middle of the Year(MOY), and End of the Year(EOY).

    Norming studies- NWEA conducts norming studies every three to five years to provide the best and most up-to-date information they can about student achievement and growth to better support educational decision-making. The 2020 MAP Growth Comparative Data has been released and is attached for your use. 

    The 2020 norms describe achievement and growth trends for the U.S. public school student population in language usage, mathematics, reading, and science over the 2015–16, 2016–17, and 2017–18 school years. The methodological approach to the 2020 norms is generally consistent with the approach taken in the 2015 study, though the new sets of norms benefit from an increased sample of students and schools.

What is Map Testing?

Family Guide to MAP Growth

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