Welcome to the School Board

  • The Anna ISD Board of Trustees consists of seven board members who are elected by the general public. Board members serve overlapping three-year terms and elections for board seats are conducted annually each May. The candidates run for specific places and represent Anna as a whole, not geographical areas. Once elections are finalized the Board elects a president, vice-president, and secretary for one-year terms.

    AISD Board 19

    Anna ISD Board of Trustees
    Front Row: Tiffany Terry, Paul Monty Renfro, President Shelli Conway
    Back Row: Jason Adams,  Rhonda LewisLarissa Thornburg, Clark Miller

Upcoming Board Meetings

Our Mission

  • The mission of Anna ISD is to invest in academic excellence, instill values and inspire students. 

Board Goals

    1. Safety:  Anna ISD will provide a positive and safe environment for ALL students and staff.
    2. Accountability:  Anna ISD will uphold or improve accountability ratings at each campus and for the district overall.
    3. Coyote Culture:  Anna ISD will preserve traditions while enhancing the overall culture of the district. 
    4. Community:  Anna ISD will champion a supportive relationship with the community, dedicated to the achievement of our district goals and the utilization of effective communication.