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Special Education Continuum of Services

Free Appropriate Public Education

Anna ISD provides a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) for students with disabilities in order to meet the need for special education and related services.  FAPE must be provided in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) appropriate for the student with primary consideration given to the general education classroom and curriculum.  Decisions regarding the provision of FAPE are made through the ARD process.  

Accommodations and Modifications

The ARD Committee determines the necessary accommodations and modifications needed for each student to receive FAPE.  Accommodations are changes in how a student accesses instruction and demonstrates learning.  Modifications are changes in what a student is expected to learn.  For examples and more information, check out one of the websites linked below.  

The Difference Between Accommodations and Modifications

Accommodations vs. Modifications

Continuum of Services

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Anna ISD offers four different programs for eligible students with disabilities ages 3-4 years.  These include Walk-In Speech Therapy, Communication Class, Integrated Pre-K, and a self-contained ECSE class.  These four programs constitute a continuum of services for this population of students, ranging from moderate communication deficits to severe developmental disabilities.   


Students receive instruction in the general education class with support from special education staff.

Related Services

Related Services are provided to eligible students in special education to help facilitate mastery of IEP goals.  They include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adapted PE, counseling, assistive technology, audiological services, vision services, in-home training, parent training, and specialized transportation. 

Content Mastery

Students visit a Content Mastery classroom intermittently for support with classwork.  


Students in Resource receive a moderately modified academic curriculum in a small group setting.  Instruction prioritizes the essential TEKS and IEP goals using high levels of instructional differentiation.  Students access the same curriculum resources used in general education.

Functional Academics (FA)

Students in FA receive an alternate academic curriculum in a small group setting that focuses on the essence TEKS statements and prerequisite academic skills.  Students in FA take STAAR Alt. 2 (if eligible) or regular STAAR assessments.  The primary curriculum resource for FA is called Attainment.  

Life Skills

Students in Life Skills have cognitive-related disabilities and receive instruction on functional academics and independent living skills.  The primary curriculum resource used in Life Skills is called TeachTown.

Social Communication (SoCo)

SoCo is for students with Autism or a similar condition who have severe needs related to behavior, social skills, and communication.  Students can be self-contained in SoCo or partially placed in SoCo and other settings as student behavior allows.  The program focuses on using strategies supported by research to be effective for students with Autism.  The primary curriculum resource used in SoCo is called STAR Autism Support. 


The Zone class is for students with severe needs related to behavior, emotional regulation, and coping skills.  Students can be self-contained in Zone or partially placed in Zone and other settings as student behavior allows.  The program focuses on using strategies known to support students with emotional and behavioral needs.  The primary curriculum resource used in Zone is called Boys Town.   

18+ Class

The 18+ Class provides students ages 18-22 with specially designed instruction in functional academics, community involvement, career readiness, everyday living skills, self-determination, and social skills.  


Homebound services are provided to students who are expected to be confined to home or a hospital for a minimum of four weeks.  


For more information about Special Education Services, please contact: 

Audrey Earley