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Private School and Homeschool Services

Students with disabilities living within Anna ISD boundaries who attend private school or home school may qualify for some special education and related services, including direct services, that the child would receive if enrolled in a public school. However, no parentally-placed private or home school student is entitled to receive all of the special education services that the student would receive if he/she is enrolled in a public school. The services available to private and homeschool students is determined annually through the Individual Service Plan (ISP) process between Anna ISD staff, private school representatives, and parental representatives of students who are placed in private or homeschool settings.  Under Anna ISD's private school and homeschool services plan, students who meet certain eligibility requirements can receive the following special education services: speech therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive equipment for visual impairments, and/or adaptive equipment for deaf or hard of hearing.  Eligibility for services is determined by the student's ISP committee. 


For additional information regarding Anna ISD's private school and homeschool services, contact:

Audrey Earley