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Safety & Security

The safety and security of our students and staff are a top priority in Anna ISD.   Anna ISD strives to continually access any areas of concern for improvement.  We have taken the following steps to increase safety in our district.

Safety measures in place every day

  • Every staff member has been trained about what to do in case of an emergency or active attack.

  • We have armed staff outside our police department on each campus who are trained above and and beyond the state minimum standards.

  • Every campus is audited for safety and security by Region 10 and checked regularly by our AISD Police Department, which is beyond the requirements of the Texas Education Agency who only requires a campus audit every three years.

  • Every exterior door has been examined by our maintenance staff and police department to ensure that the locking systems are operational.

  • Every classroom door is required to be locked and closed.

  • Our staff is out in the halls during passing periods to put hundreds of adult eyes and ears in the hallways.

  • Every campus has controlled access to enter the building.  Security vestibules are hardened and locked during the day.

  • Every visitor must check in with the front office and provide a valid government identification to enter.

  • Our portables are locked and fenced where possible.

  • Every campus front office is equipped with panic buttons that is directly connected to the police department and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office for 911 response.

  • We work closely with the Anna Police Department and routinely share information regarding crimes on-campus and in the community that students may be involved in and threat assessment information.