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Classroom Management

  • Substitute teachers are expected to assume responsibility for the discipline in their groups and to assist in the correction of all other irregularities that may occur. As temporary members of the faculty, substitute teachers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining proper building procedures and rules of conduct. They are equally obligated to correct students for misconduct in the building or on the school grounds.
  • Every reasonable effort should be made by substitute teachers in attempting to solve problems before they are referred to the principal. Occasionally something may occur which warrants the exclusion of a pupil from the classroom. Exclusions from the class by the teacher in charge are to be referred to the principal or designee.
  • Substitute teachers should, at all times, exhibit to their pupils a reasonable degree of dignity, courtesy, and congeniality.
  • Substitute teachers should maintain effective order and control at all times and will be supported in reasonable efforts to accomplish this objective. SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS MAY NOT ADMINISTER CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. If this type of disciplinary action is necessary, the student should be accompanied to the principal’s office. The use of physical force by a substitute teacher should be limited to those situations where it is necessary to prevent injury to another person, self or for the preservation of property.


  1. Power struggles get worse if escalated.
  2. Neither student nor teacher will win.
  3. Use active listening or broken record.
  4. Agree to speak with the student later.
  5. Keep all communication as private as possible.
  6. Never embarrass a student in front of his peers.
  7. If a student refuses to accept a consequence, take the student to the campus Principal’s office.