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Student Teaching

The university contacts Human Resources (HR) for student teaching placement and emails assignment paperwork along with a copy of student’s driver’s license and social security card so a background check can be conducted. Human Resources will contact the perspective principal and email the assignment paperwork to be completed and returned to HR who will then sign and returned to the university. Once the assignment paperwork is received by the university, the student will need to contact the principal to discuss start date, mentor and any other pertinent information.

Not Fingerprinted - If the student has not been fingerprinted through a Texas school district, they will need to do so before being placed. HR will upload the student’s information to begin the fingerprinting process. Once HR receives a FAST Pass it will be emailed directly to the student’s email address. They will be responsible for setting up their fingerprinting appointment per the instructions on the FAST Pass. Once HR views the background information they will email the student, university and principal to proceed with the placement or stop the process due to a conflict with the student’s background.