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Grants in Action

Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower Project is for second and third-grade enrichment students to pair with the Texas Performance Standards Projects to grow food and become more self-sustainable. Students were introduced to horticulture and botany by designing their gardens and the plants being grown in them. 
Teachers say their top goal is to be able to show students that they are capable of growing food and exploring horticulture. Students will research what plants they can grow in the garden and what they need to allow them to thrive. Students will also create a presentation using previously taught technology skills to demonstrate the different processes and care that each plant needs to succeed.


RSE Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club at Rosamond-Sherley Elementary can now learn and play songs on new ukuleles purchased with teacher grant funds provided by the Anna ISD Education Foundation. Michelle Moran, K-5 Music Teacher, teaches the students about the history of the ukulele, shows them popular ukulele performances, and the fundamentals (the parts of the ukulele, how to hold, how to strum). Each time they meet, Ms. Moran introduces them to a new ukulele chord, and they play along to popular songs. 


Flexible Seating

Students in Meagen Baker's JKB Elementary classroom are choosing what kind of learning environment works for them when reading. With the help of the Anna ISD Education Foundation's Grants for Great Ideas program, Ms. Baker was able to set up flexible seating in her classroom. This can be easily rearranged to fit the activity, whether individual reading, small-group projects, or whole-class discussions. 


Coyote Coffee Cart

The Anna ISD 18+ Transition program students launched their Coyote Coffee Cart today. This was their ‘soft opening’ at AHS. Transition teacher Janet Darr says that the Coyote Coffee Cart is a hands-on experience for students with disabilities to develop real work skills in providing a service to Anna High School faculty while gaining valuable skills to transition into adulthood.