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Logo Usage

Anna ISD Logo & Anna Coyotes Trademark Information

As Anna ISD has grown recently, so has the interest in creating spirit wear and other items. The official district logo, the "Star A" logo, is reserved exclusively for district use and cannot be reproduced. However, community members are welcome to use the Coyote Spirit logo.

Thank you for considering the use of the Anna Coyote Spirit logo. This emblem reflects our school's identity and values, and its application should demonstrate our commitment to excellence and integrity. To ensure consistency and appropriateness, please follow these guidelines:

Permission to Use: Completing this form grants permission to use the Coyote logo for specified purposes.

Logo Integrity: Ensure accurate reproduction of the Coyote logo without distortion or modification, including correct positioning with the coyote facing right.

Prohibited Usage: The Coyote logo must not be used in derogatory, misleading, or inappropriate contexts, nor combined with other logos or elements without explicit authorization.

Revocation of Permission: The school district reserves the right to revoke logo usage permission if these guidelines are breached or if usage is deemed detrimental to the institution's reputation.

By utilizing the Coyote logo and completing this form, you agree to comply with these guidelines and uphold the standards and values of our school district. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the accurate representation of our institution.

Additionally, it's important to note that Anna ISD's aim is not to restrict activities such as creating spirit wear and apparel. Rather, we seek to maintain control over how our name and mark are used and ensure the quality of products bearing that name. The term "Anna Coyotes" is a registered trademark, enabling Anna ISD to charge third parties for the use of items and apparel bearing this mark.

Anna Coyotes print

The Anna Independent School District completed the process for establishing a trademark for the phrase "ANNA COYOTES®" in 2017

Coyote howling

The official Anna Coyotes Logo may be used with permission for spirit purposes. Fill out form below to request permission and file type.