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“I love AISD because it is a district with so many caring people. I've been shown so much love since joining the district almost 4 years ago, and I experience daily how cared for our staff and students are!”  -Kimberly Price

“I love the positive and uplifting atmosphere here at Anna ISD. I have had the pleasure of serving all of my 13 years of education here in Anna. I have grown so much personally and professionally here. Thank you, AISD, for believing in me. It’s a great day to be a Coyote! “  -Meagan Baker

“I πŸ’œ AISD because the students and staff are not only my students and co-workers, but they are also my community. I love that I get to live in and do life with the school I spend my days at! Thank you AISD for giving me the opportunity to serve where I live. I am not only a teacher here, but I am also a parent here who wants to say thank you for helping me to raise my own children in a positive and caring environment! Finally, I πŸ’œ AISD because I can be myself and grow where I am planted; thank you Jesus for such a wonderful group to be a part of.”   -Robyn Harmon

“Anna ISD is a great place for students with special needs.  Our staff is committed to serving students, supporting campuses, and considering parent engagement imperative.  We also strive for excellence in completing comprehensive student evaluations, developing individualized student service plans, and implementing meaningful special services to students.  Thanks to the Special Services Team for their dedication to student growth!”  -Jacob Fisher

“Over the last 15 years serving Anna ISD, I have seen a love for student growth and it is exciting to be a part of that.  Anna ISD strives to be the best for its staff, students, and community and I get to be a part of that growth.  Anna ISD does not settle and continues to look for ways to improve to better serve the families and community of Anna ISD and that is why #iheartaisd.”  - Tressi Bridges

“I love being in a district that values its people and allows for innovative thinking. Having been in the district for 9 years, I have seen how much the staff care about our students and community. Ultimately, we are here for the students and everyone shares that goal! “  - Maegan Rodgers

“Our Special Education Department is one of the very best in the area. We are here to serve students and support campuses. Conducting student evaluations with the most accurate data to make meaningful recommendations for students is a top priority. Parent engagement is a must to ensure the students of AISD are supported fully in all aspects of their lives.”   - Audrey Earley

“I have been a part of Anna ISD, in various forms, for almost 20 years now. I have witnessed the massive amount of growth that Anna ISD has been through. Throughout all of the changes, Anna ISD has not lost the "family" friendly culture. From being a parent to being an employee/parent, I've always felt like I was part of the Anna ISD family.” - Rebecca Aronow

“Anna is where I grew up, graduated, is my home place, and now where my own kids go to school. Love the small town feeling, even though it is growing very fast.” - Diana Diaz

“I love Anna ISD because of the people.  From the day I started at Anna I felt welcomed and appreciated!  The community and family atmosphere is evident on every campus. One of the most encouraging parts of joining the AISD family is seeing the joy that the administrative team shares with the staff and community about the future of Anna ISD and its families.” - Erin Walker

“I am a product of Anna ISD and take great pride in being an Anna Coyote.  Each and every student represents my hometown.  We work together to do what is best for kids while overcoming the challenges of being a fast-growing district.” - Rebecca Rollins

“I πŸ’œ AISD for the amazing staff I work with and the students we serve. “ - Heather Mackey

“To me, it's the people.  District faculty and staff work hand in hand to serve students, families, and the community.  Everything we do is directly related to our desire to see our students become successful and independent adults who will, in turn, pour back into this community when they have the opportunity.” - Kerry Bedgood

“It's a great place to work! I feel supported and appreciated.  As a working Mom, it provides flexibility and balance.” - Meagan Sweeney

“Although we are growing by leaps and bounds, we still have a close family net fell.”- Paula Moss

“I have loved Anna ISD since August of 2006! The growth of the district has always been so very exciting to be a part of. The people are what and why I heart Anna ISD. First, the students. We have the most incredible students at all age levels! The faculty is top notch and I am blessed to be able to collaborate with some of the best educators in the world! The families and the culture of the community, the school board and the city all help make Anna the great place it is today!” - Amy Sweet

“The staff on our services and operations teams are the best!  Our food services do a great job day in and day out serving nutritious meals to our student body each day.  Our maintenance, landscaping, and custodial teams keep our buildings clean, and our yards looking nice, and are always quick to respond to any problems on our campuses.  Our technology specialists are the best at keeping us connected, so the instruction to our students and communications with our community is seamless and always flowing.  Our police keep our schools safe and are always visible to our community.  Finally, I am honored to serve with our transportation team/family who get up early each day to ensure that our students get safely to school.  We averaged 1500 miles on routes each day, and I'm proud to say that they kept our students safe on all of those miles!” - Chris Burke

“I love the small town feel in a fast-growing district. Our dedicated employees are truly passionate about educating students.  It is always so much fun coming to work!”  - Tracy McBee

"Anna ISD has been our home for over 20 years. I have had 3 children graduate from Anna ISD and one is currently in her Sr. year. 2 of those went on to become teachers. Anna ISD is our home. We were welcomed with open arms and it continues to be that same welcoming place. My family will forever be Anna Coyotes.” - Kelli Gee

“I love AISD because it feels like a family and, even with the growth that we are experiencing, it is still a warm and welcoming place to be.” - Tabatha Kramer

"We have 3 generations of Anna ISD graduates in our family. To come back and work for Anna ISD has been a blessing. To see everyone working so diligently behind the scenes as well as on the front lines for each and every child makes me smile. I know I'm right where I am supposed to be.” - Susan Williams

“I πŸ’œ AISD for the opportunity to work with a truly amazing team! It is a blessing to be able to come to work knowing you are supported and valued and that value extends to my family. I am excited about the growth of our district and looking forward to what is to come.” - Kimberly Ruiz

“AISD is made up of educators that value and respect one another while always putting children first.”   - Whitney Benton

“I love AISD because innovation and student voice and choice is supported by our students.” - Emily Burke