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Schoology Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students login to Schoology?

Students login to Schoology at Anna ISD's unique Schoology URL: 


What username do students use?

Please use your full Anna ISD email address to login to Schoology.

How do parents sign up for a Schoology parent account?
If you don't already have a Schoology account, go to and click Parent. 


Enter your Parent Access Code. This is a 12-digit code in xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format that you receive from ONE of your child's instructors.


Fill out the form with your information and click Register to complete.

When you use a Parent Access Code to create an account, you are automatically associated to your child. You can add additional children to your account using the Add Child button.

Why are some of my child's teachers using Schoology and others aren't?

While Schoology is available to all educators at the secondary levels, not all of our secondary teachers will choose to use Schoology this school year. You will still be able to access Parent Portal for all of your child's grades if they have teachers who are not using Schoology. 

Why can’t I see all my kids in my account?
If not all your kids are showing in the drop down in the top right hand corner, this probably means that there is a missing link between your children in our student information system. You can email your child's English/Reading teacher to request a Parent Access Code, or you can submit a request to Mindi Vandagriff, Coordinator of Professional & Digital Learning,
Does each parent have a separate account?
Yes, each parent can have a separate account as long as each parent has a different contact email address. If parents choose to share an account using one email address and password, that works too.
Can I see grades in Schoology?
Yes and no. Not all teachers will choose to utilize Schoology this year. If a teacher chooses to utilize Schoology this year, then you will be able to see all grades in Schoology, regardless if the assignment was done in class (i.e. pen and paper) or completed online (i.e. electronic dropbox submission or online quiz). You will also be able to see many more details of the assignment than you could previously in Parent Portal (i.e. state standards, your child's submission, quiz questions, etc.).

How can I access my child's grades in Schoology?

To see your child's grades, you can follow these steps:
1. Log into your Schoology account
2. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the page
3. Select your child's name to toggle into his or her account
4. Click on Enrollments

Here, you will see a list of your child's courses along with grade info.

Can I still see grades in Parent Portal?

Yes. For teachers who choose to utilize Schoology this year, Schoology will "talk" to Parent Portal once a week on Friday afternoon. This means that Schoology will send the average of all grades in Schoology (weighted 40% for non-mastery & 60% for mastery) to Parent Portal. If you would like to see details of that average, you must navigate to Schoology. For teachers who choose not to utilize Schoology this year, all grades will be posted in Parent Portal. 

For specific questions regarding Schoology, your child's account or your parent account, you may email
Mindi VandagriffCoordinator of Professional & Digital
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