Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Madison Helms

What does Miss Helms do?

Intervention counselors are trained mental health professionals that have acquired licensure in the state of Texas to provide therapy and crisis intervention to our students. Our intervention counselors follow FERPA, HIPAA, ACA, state and federal guidelines and have completed Masters level internship hours under direct supervision in order to make ethical decisions concerning our students' mental health, including when and for how long a student might benefit from individual or group counseling.


When Does A Student Need Intervention Counseling?

-If a student expresses feelings or symptoms of depression and anxiety.

-If a student is struggling to regulate emotions outside of normal developmental expectations. 

-If a student has expressed thoughts of harm to self or others.

-If a student is experiencing changes in their home life (Divorce, moving, new siblings, grief/loss, student or family member experiencing chronic illness etc.).


How To make a referral?

You can contact me at

Please include:

Student name, concern, and if you have spoken to the teacher about counseling services.