Dyslexia Services

  • Not all children learn to read, write and spell in the same ways. Despite conventional and appropriate classroom instruction, some students continue to struggle. Some of these students may have a reading disability known as dyslexia. Students with dyslexia may need an intervention program in addition to what they are receiving in the regular classroom to help them be successful in school. Anna Independent School District offers dyslexia services on all campuses to all students who meet eligibility criteria. Students with dyslexia will be served by a trained teacher with a program that includes evidence-based components of phonological awareness, sound-symbol association, syllabication, orthography, morphology, syntax, reading comprehension and fluency. Students with dyslexia will also be given appropriate instructional accommodations in order to be successful throughout their academic career.  The Anna Independent School District follows the guidelines set forth by The Dyslexia Handbook, Update 2018 for its local dyslexia program and guidelines.

Dyslexia Intervention Programs

  • Pre-Flight

  • Take Flight

  • Spire

  • Esperanza

  • Evaluations for the related disorder of dysgraphia are completed through the special education full individual evaluation process.  

    Anna ISD completes a dyslexia screening with all kinder students at the end of the school year and all first grade students at the end of the first semester.  Results of the screening are shared with parents via a letter that is sent home.  If a student is at-risk for dyslexia, then parents are contacted to discuss next steps.  

Dyslexia Therapists