Pregnancy Related Services

  • Pregnancy Related Services are support services, including Compensatory Education Home Instruction (CEHI), that a pregnant student receives during the pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods.

    The programs are designed to help students adjust academically, mentally, and physically and stay in school. These services are delivered to a student when:

    • the student is pregnant and attending classes on a district campus;
    • the pregnancy prenatal period prevents the student from attending classes on a district campus; and
    • the pregnancy postpartum period prevents the student from attending classes on a district campus.

    Examples of support services that a district may choose to offer are:

    1. counseling services including the initial session when the student discloses the pregnancy;
    2. health services including services from the school nurse;
    3. transportation
    4. instruction (inside or outside the classroom) related to parenting knowledge and skills, including child development, home and family living, and appropriate job readiness training;
    5. child care for the student's children;
    6. schedule modifications; and
    7. case management and service coordination (assistance in obtaining services from government agencies and community service organizations).



  • For additional information regarding Pregnancy Related Services, please contact: 

    Kerry Bedgood

    Coordinator of Intervention Services