Welcome to Counseling & Guidance

  • The Anna ISD Counseling and Guidance Department is focused on the academic success of each student, while also addressing the mental health needs of our students. The goal of this department is to assist our students in reaching their full academic potential through academic advisement and developing necessary coping skills in and out of the classroom.

    The Anna ISD Counseling and Guidance Department employs both school counselors primarily focused on student academic achievement, as well as intervention counselors focusing on the mental health needs of our students.

    School Counselors play a vital role in the success of our students through four components. 

    • Guidance: academic, personal/social and career development lessons.
    • Responsive Service: individual and/or group sessions that addresses student needs (social skills, character traits, conflict resolution, stress and anxiety, anger, anti-bully prevention, communication skills, problem solving, etc.)
    • Individual Planning: assist students in planning, monitoring and managing their academic, personal/social, and career development. 
    • System Support: works collaboratively with administrators, staff members, and community partners.

    Intervention Counselors serve our students through a variety of therapeutic approaches.  We are blessed to have an intervention team with experts specializing in a variety of areas including: anxiety, attachment, depression, and play therapy.

Counseling Staff

  • Director of Intervention

    Vince Sharp

    Bryant Elementary

    Leigh Wood - School Counselor

    Tabitha McGuinness - Intervention Counselor

    Harlow Elementary

    Michelle Gilbert - School Counselor

    Christie Roe - Intervention Counselor

    Rattan Elementary

    Megan Massey - School Counselor

    Madison Helms - Intervention Counselor

    Anna Education Center

    Shannon Davis - School Counselor

    Anna Middle School

    Sandra Simmons - School Counselor

    Laura Reyes - School Counselor

    Kristi Heath - Intervention Counselor

    Anna High School 

    Keely Anderson - School Counselor

    Jessica Reeves - School Counselor

    Shamia (Mia) Coleman - School Counselor

    Jenny Garner-  School Counselor