• An activity is a fundraiser when there is a collection of money for:

    • goods (catalog sales, passbook/discount cards, yearbooks, t-shirts, etc.)
    • services (car wash, dance, festival, etc.)
    • events (sporting event, play, concert, banquet, etc.)
    • pledges drives (walk-a-thon, free throw-a-thon, etc.)
     Types of Fundraisers
     Major  Events/Services  Ongoing/Passive
    Catalog Sales
    Product Sales
    Write-a-Check Campaign
    Discount Card Sales
    Pledge Drives
    Book Fairs
    School Dances
    Student Night Out
    Car Washes
    5K Races
    Spirit Wear
    Vending Machines
    School/Class Pictures
    Yearbook Sales
    Restaurant Spirit Nights
    Athletic Camps


    Major Fundraisers
    Major Fundraisers may not overlap on the same campus.
    Elementary Campuses 2 Major (Campus-wide) Fundraisers
    are permitted per school year
    Secondary Campuses 1 Major Fundraiser is permitted for
    each organization per school year

    All organizations must adhere to The AISD Fundraising Guidelines.

    Campus/School Organizations
    Grade Levels, Team Sports
    Student Organizations
    BETA Club, Student Council 
    Parent Organizations
    PTA’s/Booster Clubs
    The campus should not have a fundraiser for the sole purpose of accumulating funds in their campus activity account.

    Campus fundraising projects
    should be organized, controlled, supervised by District staff.
    Must have a student activity
    account established through
    the AISD Finance Office. Student organization fundraisers should
    be organized and performed by
    the student club; and controlled
    and supervised by the sponsor.

    Students must vote on all fundraising decisions. The sponsor must submit "Approval of Use Student Activity Fund" form.
    Must have their own 501(c)(3) exempt status and cannot purchase in the name of the District.

    Must be supervised by appointed District personnel.

    AISD personnel may not be involved in the receipt, deposit, or account activities during school hours.

    AISD Fundraising Guidelines

    1. The purpose for collecting funds will be for the direct benefit of the students.
    2. All fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the principal submitting the Fundraising Request Form.
         a. Fundraisers for a school year must be submitted before October 1, of that school year.
         b. Prior arrangements with companies should not be made until the fundraiser has been approved and the form is completed.
         c. The fundraising activity cannot begin until the sponsor is notified that the project has been approved.
    3. The sponsor is responsible for keeping accurate records of all fundraising activities.
         a. Checks may not be made out to individuals.
         b. Funds collected on campus must be stored in a secure location on Anna ISD property and deposited within 3 business days of receipt.
         c. All funds must be counted and verified by two people and documented.
    4. At the conclusion of the activity, the appropriate Reconciliation Form must be completed and submitted to the Business Office.
    5. Funds shall only be used for the purpose(s) for which they were raised.
    6. Major Fundraisers shall last no more than 2 weeks.
    7. Fundraisers must adhere to the “Smart Snacks Rule”.


    As of July 1, 2014, schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are required to abide by the nutrition standards laid out in the Interim Final Rule on All Foods Sold in School: Smart Snacks. 

    Elementary – Food may not be sold on school campus from midnight until 30 minutes after the end of the official school day.

    Middle School – Food may not be sold on school campus from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after meal periods.

    High School – Food may not be sold in areas where reimbursable meals are sold and/or consumed during meal periods.

    Fundraiser No-No’s

    • No student can be required to participate in a fundraiser.
    • Fundraising projects may not be used to fund curriculum.
    • Student participation in approved fundraising activities shall not interfere with the regular instructional day.
    • Campuses are not allowed under Texas Law (The Charitable Raffle Enabling Act) to sponsor or conduct raffles, bingo, and other games of chance.
    • Fundraisers should not overlap another at the same campus
    Outside Organizations may not solicit contributions of any type from students within the schools. 

    A campus or organization may NOT donate to a charitable organization using campus activity funds.

    A Student Organization may adopt an outside charitable organization or community drive as a community service project, such as food drives. Funds cannot be used to purchase items or disbursed directly to outside organizations. 

    Students may participate in community drives on a strictly voluntary basis and shall not disrupt the regular school day.

    Fundraiser Transparency
    Fundraiser projects (Major and Events/Services only) will be posted on the AISD Fundraising Calendar. Each campus will have a Fundraising Calendar that feeds into the District Fundraising Calendar. Immediately following approval of a fundraiser, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to notify the campus webmaster to put the fundraiser on the Campus Fundraising Calendar.

    Individual/Organization Webpages must include:
    Participation is voluntary
    Goal/purpose of fundraiser 
    Post fundraising results/amount raised

    Informational Material for Parents must include:
    Participation is voluntary
    Goal/purpose of the fundraiser 

    “Anna ISD Administration has approved this fundraiser.”

    • Fundraiser Request Form
    • Fundraiser Reconciliation Form
    • District Fundraising Calendar
    Fundraiser Process
     1 Read Guidelines
     2 Sponsor completes Fundraiser Request Form
     3 Admin approves/denies Request (check District Fundraiser Calendar)
     4 Admin notifies Sponsor
    If Approved
     5 Sponsor sends Webmaster fundraiser details
     6 Sponsor puts fundraiser details on the webpage
     7 Webmaster enters details on Google Fundraiser Calendar
    Upon Completion of Fundraiser
     8 Sponsor fills out Fundraiser Reconciliation Form, submits to AIS Business Office and follows all Anna ISD financial policies 












    Share this Fundraiser Request Form link with approved parent groups.

    DonorsChoose.org is a nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. AISD teachers must have principal's approval to use this resource.  The sponsor must complete the Fundraiser Request Form.

    · Must have the principal’s permission/approval.
    · Has the teacher exhausted all other resources?
    · Must directly & positively impact the learning process (principal’s discretion).
    · NO pictures of our kids to be used to promote or placed on the DonorsChoose Website.
    · Anna ISD/school owns the property.