Communication and Collaboration

  • The digital world . . .


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    Video Discussion Questions
    (for parents & teachers)

    • What does e-mail stand for?

    • What are the three main parts of an email address?

    • Do you have an email address?

    • Have you ever sent an email before?

    • What types of things can you send with an email?

    • What should you do if you get an email from someone you don't know?

    • What is netiquette? How can we practice netiquette in our classroom?

    Lesson Plan for Teachers


  • Video Discussion Questions
    (for parents & teachers)

    • With whom do people connect? What are the different reasons people connect with one another?
    • How do you communicate and connect with other people, and with the world? How do you like to connect with information?
    • What are the best ways we can collaborate and work together digitally?
    •  What are some challenges, barriers or misunderstandings that can occur with some tools?
    • What makes communication and collaboration difficult?
    • What makes it a part of digital citizenship?
    •  How can a digital citizen collaborate with others who are separated by time and space? 

    Lesson Plan for Teachers