Class of 2022
  • Graduation Practice

    • Graduation Practice is Thursday, May 26, 2022, at 2:30 PM. Practice is MANDATORY for those participating in the graduation ceremony. All seniors will meet at Coyote stadium.
      • Make sure you bring water and sunscreen.
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  • Graduation Dress Code

    • You may decorate your caps!
      • Nothing can extend beyond the normal size of the top of the hat.
      • Nothing offensive/disruptive
      • You can decorate with the college theme or military, EMS/Fire/Police, etc.
      • Students must bring/wear them to graduation practice for approval in order to wear a decorated graduation cap at the ceremony.
    • Try on your cap and gown as soon as you receive them to make sure they fit. Then hang up the gown so that the wrinkles will have time to straighten. Please DO NOT iron the robes as they will melt.
    • Boys: wear a dress shirt with a collar and tie underneath the gown. Jeans are NOT permitted.
    • Girls: dresses shorter than the gown look best. Longer dresses or dress pants for girls do not look as good but are permitted.
    • Everyone: no athletic shoes or flip-flops. Boots are okay as long as they are clean and nice. Shoes must be worn at all times while at school for commencement.
    • Graduates may wear souvenir (bling) tassels with the graduation year or an unadorned tassel.
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  • Graduation Ceremony

    • The Graduation Ceremony will be Friday, May 27, 2022, at 7:00 PM at the Coyote Stadium.
    • Graduates must arrive at 5:30 PM at the high school to line up and be bussed to the stadium for the ceremony. The stadium will open at 5:30 PM for public seating. No one can enter before then. The stadium is open seating.
    • Tickets are required to attend the graduation ceremony if the ceremony is moved to the high school's main gym because of inclement weather. Seating will not be reserved in the gym.
    • High school graduation is a ceremony, not a party. Although you have accomplished a lot and deserve to celebrate, the graduation ceremony is not the place to do it. This ceremony is for everyone. Please do not detract from the importance of the ceremony for all involved and wait to celebrate with your family and friends after graduation.
    • The administration reserves the right to withhold diplomas from graduates who do not follow all the rules of the graduation ceremony.
    • Diplomas will be available to pick up the week following graduation. Please see our registrar, Mrs. Brianne Nance for diploma pick up.




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