• GoGuardian Logo

    GoGuardian is an educational technology company that has five core products:

    • GoGuardian Admin (web filtering),
    • GoGuardian Teacher (classroom management),
    • GoGuardian Fleet (Chrome device management),
    • GoGuardian Beacon (suicide and self-harm alerting), and
    • GoGuardian DNS (network management).

    These services monitor student activity online, filter content, and alert school officials to possible suicidal or self-harm ideation.

    GoGuardian products allow teachers and administrators to view and snapshot students' computer screens, close and open browser tabs, and see running applications. GoGuardian can collect information about any activity when users are logged onto their accounts, including data originating from a student's webcam, microphone, keyboard, and screen, along with historical data such as browsing history. This collection can be performed whether students connect from school-provided or personally-owned devices.

    Anna ISD currently uses GoGuardianAdmin on all district Chromebooks and GoGuardian Teacher for grades 6-12.