Anna Student Advisory Council

  •  Anna Student Advisory Council

    The Anna Student Advisory Council (ASAC) is made up of students in grades 10-12 that meet with Superintendent Michael Comeaux once a month and provide feedback from a student's perspective about the state of Anna ISD. ASAC supports the superintendent's work to improve the entire education experience in Anna ISD with the input of those most affected by the district's actions and decisions.

ASAC Meetings

  • ASAC meets once a month at the Anna ISD Special Programs Center during school lunch and for part of fourth-period class. Lunch and transportation are provided.

ASAC Application Process

  • Nine students (three sophomores, three juniors, three seniors) are selected annually through an application process in the spring.

    Students must be in good standing in attendance, grades, and discipline. 

    If you will be a sophomore, junior, or senior at Anna High School for the 22-23 school year and are interested in joining ASAC, click on this form to begin the application process.

ASAC Questions