Greetings and welcome to the Guidance and Counseling office for Sue Evelyn Rattan Elementary. My name is Megan Massey and I am your child’s guidance counselor. 

    The Guidance and Counseling office offers a variety of services to our students:
    •Character Education/Guidance Lessons
    •Individual Counseling 
    •Group Counseling 
    •Social Emotional Lessons

    I am able to help students with:

    * Promoting positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers and community.

    * Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.

    *Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as decision making, resolving conflict and respecting others.

    * Working with students, parents and school staff to identify learning needs and to design interventions to enhance student success.

    * Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities.

    * Providing support during a personal crisis.

    * Coordinating referrals to outside agencies.

    * Developing student career awareness.

    * Helping to create a safe and positive learning experience.


    * Making friends

    * Liking myself

    * Getting along with others

    * Parents' divorce

    * Being a "new kid"

    * Studying

    * Bullying

    * Learning and responsibility

    * Death and dying

    * Moving away

    * Being honest

    * Organization

    * College/Career Readiness

    It is our goal to make our campus a “home away from home” for your child. We thrive on the family atmosphere that we foster here at Rattan and want your child to feel safe and happy under our care. My philosophy is that if we nurture the heart, the mind will follow.

    If you ever have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email is the fastest and most convenient way to reach me, but you are welcome to call as well.

    I look forward to a wonderful year serving you and your child!


Meet the Guidance Counselor


    I am so very excited to be the new school counselor at Rattan Elementary. Rattan has been my home for the last seven years. This wonderful campus is where I started my teaching career. I started out teaching 5th grade math for two years. For the last five years I have taught 1st grade. While both are so very different, I enjoyed teaching at both levels.


    Before I started teaching I was a social worker. I graduated in 2009 with my Bachelors in Social Work at Texas A&M University - Commerce. I continued to pursue my Masters and graduated in 2010 from TAMU-C. In 2011, I obtained my social work license through the state of Texas and became a Licensed Master Social Worker. I gained my counseling experience by working at The Fannin County Family Crisis Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas. Both of these experiences will benefit me greatly as a school counselor. Even though I began teaching, I continued my learning hours to keep my license updated.


    When I decided to become a teacher I knew I wanted to be a part of the Anna community. There was just something special about this town. I grew up in Gunter so I have watched Anna grow over the years (or should I say explode!). I have cousins who graduated from Anna and loved their experience. I was so excited to get my opportunity in 2014 and became a part of the Rattan Elementary staff. I have truly enjoyed the last seven years being a part of this campus and district.


    In 2019 I graduated from Angelo State University with my School Counseling Certification. I wanted to be able to provides counseling services on the school counselor and intervention counselor side. I am so excited to continue my passion in mental health by becoming the guidance counselor. I have many ideas that I would like to bring to Rattan. I plan on having group counseling, individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and so much more. Together your child will be successful.


    I look forward to getting to know many more families here at Rattan. If you every have any questions please email me at megan.massey@annaisd.org.


    Have a great day!

    Miss Massey

  • Miss Massey

     Megan Massey, LMSW

    Guidance Counselor

    Rattan Elementary