Trolls, Haters and Digital Harassment




Video Discussion Questions
(for parents & teachers)

• What happened to Guts in the video? Why did playing the game ultimately upset him?

• How do you think Guts felt when he was called “slowpoke,” “weird,” and “dummy”? How is getting called names online similar to getting called names in person?

• Have you ever seen an example of trash talking online? What did you do at the time? What would you do if you saw it now?

• What are rules of S.T.O.P.? In your opinion, which step is most important?

• How do you treat others online? Is it ever hard to remember that there’s another person on the other side of the screen? 

Lesson Plan for Elementary Teachers



Video Discussion Questions
(for parents & teachers)

• What is digital harassment?

• How is digital harassment different from cyberbullyng?

• Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were being digitally harassed? How did you handle it?

• In the digital world, what is a hater or a troll?

•  What are some things you can do if someone is hating or trolling you?

• Why do people troll online? Do you think there is an underlying issue?

Information for Parents

  Information for Teachers

You Can't Win an Argument with a Troll

How Can I Protect Myself from Trolls
How Can I Protect Myself from Trolls
How Can I Protect Myself from Trolls


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