Video Discussion Questions
(for parents & teachers)

• Have you ever seen somebody break a rule or law?

• What do you call a person who sees a bad thing happening but is not the victim or the person who is doing the bad thing?

• What is a bystander to cyberbullying?

• What are some ways bystanders can be upstanders when they witness cyberbullying? 

• What are some things that our class will do to be upstanders when we witness cyberbullying?

• How can you be an upstander when you witness cyberbullying?

Lesson Plan for Elementary Teachers



Video Discussion Questions
(for parents & teachers)

• What factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty, and what can you do to lessen them?

• How do you think someone might feel after being the target of cyberbullying? 

• How do you think the online cruelty might be different from offline behavior? 

• Have you ever encountered online cruelty? 

• What are some roles that different people play in cyberbullying situations, and how would you describe each one?

• Why is it important to be an Upstander rather than a bystander? 

Lesson Plan for Secondary Teachers

What's the Issue?

Information for Parents

  Information for Teachers

What Families Can Do
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Have the Talk

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